Password protection tips

Ebay is just the latest in a long line of companies who have had their database hacked and customers’ information compromised. It’s not a question of could it happen again to another company, it’s a question of when.

If you think that they managed to hack into the Pentagon, there really is no computer system in the world that is 100% safe and secure.

There are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself, these may seem like a pain and they are, but it’s better than having your identity stolen or your bank account cleared out.

The golden rule: if you can remember a password, forget it

We’ve all been guilty of it. You want something easy to remember that you think will be tricky. I typical example would the the name of your pet or kid, and maybe throw in a birthday for good measure: becky1983. Does this look familiar?

And then to make matters worse, you use that password for everything.

The first problem is that any hacker can find out a lot of this stuff on the internet – most of this information you most probably have on your facebook account.

The second problem, if you even have a minor account hacked, they have your password and email address. Next stop try these details with PayPal and happy days.

Password Strength Testing tool

It’s not only obvious passwords that are a problem, simple programmes can run hundreds of combination per second, so the longer and more complicated they are the better.

Go on, put your favourite passwods to the test, just visit It will show you how quickly the processing power of a standard PC would take to crack it.

What is the perfect password?

In the ideal world, you would have a uniqe password for every website or application.

Each password would be at least eight characters long and contain a mix of lowercase and capital letters with a mixture of numbers and symbols thrown in.

Password Manager Apps

Obviously, having a few dozen passwords that are impossible to remember could be a drag. Fortunately, there are dozens of apps out there to help you.

PC and Mac

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